Thank you for the special comments from everyone !!

1) Hi, my neighbour was full of praises with your sugee cake. I'am delighted that I can share this experience with them. KK

2) Irrespective of the discount, I will continue to place my orders if you bake great cakes! Seasons Greetings & Best Wishes for 2011. May all good things happen for you. KK

3) Thk u. Everyone liked the cake, especially commercial crime personnel. Thanks a lot. Goodnight- Latha

4) Hi, just to say the cake was great and everyone loved it . Thanks, Prema.

5) Hi Sumi, cake was delicious as always. Thanks, it was our 27th wedding anniversary. Regards, Prema.

6) Cake was very good, thanks, Prema.

7) Yet again your vegetarian cake was a hit! There Wasnt a slice left in the house!! Thank you!   - Veena

8) Thank you once again for the lovely cake. Aless loved it. - Haneeta

9) Hi, thank you very much . The cake was a hit. Should have taken more of your cards to distribute. Thanks again .- Sukhjeet

10) Hi, thanks for the cake, all my relatives enjoyed it- Kavitha

11) Hi Sumi, your veg butter cake and suji were fabulous and a hit with my guests and this time I even got to eat a piece. Thank you!! - Veena

12) the cake was beautiful and tasted lovely. We finished the whole cake on Saturday and the people were still asking for more. Many thanks - Sanne

13) Thanks Sumi, the cake is yummy. Ben 10 looked very real. The principal and Raul's teachers were so impressed-Sakun

14) Your cake wad excellent! So yummy that 30 people finished it in no time. Wondeful- Dr Premitha

15) Cake tasted really good and looked fantastic. Thanks heeps- Dr Anushya

16) Thanks. The cake is great. AJ will be so happy when he sees it. Oh, many complimented the cake, not just the decorations. It was delicious, perfectly moist. I was serving loads of seconds and even thirds.- Deirdre

17) Cake was a big hit. Derrick loved it. So delicious- all finished fast. Marion said it looked like so much effort went to it. Thanks so much Sumi- Gladys

18) Hi, the cake is so lovely. My son loves it. Told him too pretty to eat. Thank you once again- Marion

19) Thanks so much for your veg butter cake. Your cake was lovely and most importantly my daughter did not have any allergic reactions because as you know, she strictly cannot take any eggs- Veena

20) The cake was fabulous. Charlotte was very happy- Deirdre

21) Hi Sumi, thanks for the lovely cake. Everyone enjoyed it- Meera

22) Great cake, everyone loved it as usual- Prema

23) Thanks for the delicious caked Sumi- Dr Renu

24) Thanks, the cake was lovely- Susie

25) Thanks for the cake. It was great as usual - Visaini

26) The cake was lovely and tasty. Thanks and Happy New Year - Annie

27) The cake was very nice. It looked and tasted great. The children loved it . Thanks- Lina

28) Thanks for the chocolate cake, really lovely and kids enjoyed. Will order it for next ocassion. Cheers! - Premila

29) Icing :-) overall was delicious for a veg cake. - Shamila

30) Hi cake was good and we confirm we will take moist butter cake for the next order- Sara

31) Just wanted to tell you that the cake is absolutely gorgeous. Ishaan will be so pleased- Prirhiva

32) Sumi, thanks. Cake is lovely- Gina

33) The cake was so awesome. Amazingly real down to the folds. Everyone loved the cake. It was great!- Amrit

34) Loved Ishaan's cake- tasted great and the boys all thought it looked brilliant- Prithiva

35) Thanks for the lovely cake!! Nikita loved it and she wasn't the only one. The cake got compliments from almost every guests about the intricate design and of course, the taste- Shalini

36) The colors were vibrant, the cake delicious and Bob just the way we wanted it!! Everybody loved it!- Siva Priya

37) Thank you for the lovely pictures esp the decor. I'm so contented with the outerspace cake designed by you. Anton and his friends loved the enchanted aliens and planets most. The outerspace bday cake is the most successful birthday party. The theme and the cake made the right combination. See you next round again- Joanne Teo

38) My son absolutely loved his birthday cake! The chocolate cake was absolutely delicious and the icing was the best part- Reza Rahim

39)I just wanted to say thank you for the lovely cake. Everyone really enjoyed it (especially my daughter- me with the left overs)- Leah Cheek

40) Just wanted to let you know that the cake was indeed very lovely. We all loved the chocolate cake and most loved the icing too. I ate two helpings of the cake and threw my diet to the wind that night;-). We had hoped to say hi to you when we came to pick up the cake but you were not in. Another time perhaps. Warm salaams to you and the best in everything you do- Susanna


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